Monod Amar Boudrant - Law Firm

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21, rue Monsieur
75007 Paris
T. +331 53 69 66 98
F. +331 53 69 66 99

The Monod-Amar-Boudrant Law Firm was created as a partnership in 2005,
taking its roots from the expertise of its three founders.

The Law Firm is currently counselling and representing many companies including pharmaceutical laboratories, investors from the Emirates and also individuals including members of the civil aviation pilot community.

The Firm is involved in litigation, arbitration and counselling.

Its expertise covers the fields of business law, labour law and of individual interests.

The Firm has strong ties with European law firms with whom it works on a regular basis and enjoys a special relationship with Hülsen Michael Hauschke Seewald law firm in Berlin.